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Air quality-based urban routing and information

Reduce exposure to urban air pollution through intelligent route planning



Air pollution: the greatest environmental health threat of our time​

Air pollution causes 7 million annual deaths world-wide, and is one of the biggest concerns for consumers – “clean air everywhere” is one of the top 10 global consumer trends. Air pollution particularly affects elderly, chronically ill, children and pregnant women who are also some of the most likely groups to commute by walking.

Solution (1)

Choose the path with least pollution exposure.

HealthyPlaces is a smartphone app for iOS and Android which helps people plan walking routes in urban environments with the least pollution exposure possible. Air-quality based routing will help citizens to protect themselves from smog and raise awareness for the global problem of air pollution.

Solution (2)

A complete indoor-outdoor experience

Thanks to’s leading navigation technology, HealthyPlaces calculates step-by-step walking routes for both indoor and outdoor settings.


Breeze Technologies named one of the EU’s most promising start-ups

The European Parliament selected Breeze Technologies as one of the EU’s most promising startups

Detecting wildfires in California

The US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate selected Breeze Technologies among several candidates for a long-term and large-scale implementation of air quality sensors and wildfire detection capabilities in California.

Breeze Technologies long-term partner of the Hamburg Climate Week

For the sixth time in a row in 2021, Breeze Technologies is a partner of the Hamburg Climate Week.

Breeze Technologies wins Future Hamburg Award

Breeze Technologies won the first place of the Future Hamburg Award 2021. The award was looking for startups with ideas and projects for the city of tomorrow.

Breeze Technologies wins Santander X Environmental Challenge

Breeze Technologies was announced as one of the 3 winners of the “Be Mindful” track of the Santander X Environmental Challenge. The challenge was launched by Banco Santander in collaboration with Oxentia Foundation to support entrepreneurs committed to the environment and with innovative ideas to build a more sustainable future.

KPY Novapolis innovation challenge

Proximio was awarded a prize in the KPY Novapolis innovation challenge

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